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Science Education in Europe: Critical Reflections


"Science education, and the declining numbers of young people choosing to pursue the study of science in Europe, has recently been the focus of considerable attention. Science Education in Europe reports on the findings of two Nuffield-funded London seminars which drew together a group of leading science educators from across Europe."

In the foreword to the report, Anthony Tomei notes: "There are shortcomings in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, but the deeper problem is one of fundamental purpose. School science education, the authors argue, has never provided a satisfactory education for the majority. Now the evidence is that it is failing in its original purpose, to provide a route into science for future scientists. The challenge therefore, is to re-imagine science education: to consider how it can be made fit for the modern world and how it can meet the needs of all students; those who will go on to work in scientific and technical subjects, and those who will not. The report suggests how this re-imagining might be achieved. The recommendations are important and timely and deserve careful consideration by educators, policy makers and scientists alike."