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Policy Updates

Policy Update: FY 2008 Budget Bill Gives NSF a 2.5% Increase

The FY 2008 budget bill contains a 2.5 percent increase for the National Science Foundation. This increase is a reduction from the 8.7 percent increase requested by the Administration, the initial 10.0 percent increase approved by the House, and the initial 10.8 percent increase approved by the Senate.

The FY 2007 budget for Education and Human Resources is $796.7 million. The Explanatory Statement language reads: "Increasing the number of highly qualified K-12 math and science teachers is critical to the creation of a new generation of innovators," and specifically praises the Math and Science Partnership Program.

To read more about the budget bill, and for a link to the full text of the accompanying Explanatory Statement, see the American Institute of Physics FYI Number 122 policy bulletin from December 19, 2007.

This summary was excerpted from the American Institute of Physics Science Policy Bulletin, available on the AIP website: