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MSP LNC 2008

2008 MSP Learning Network Conference

All MSP projects are encouraged to consider presenting key findings on focused aspects of their work during one of the Conference breakout sessions. For this year's Learning Network Conference, the Planning Committee requests that groups interested in presenting at the meeting submit a 3-4 page abstract indicating how the proposed presentation will address the following:
  • Context of the work to be presented,
  • Claim(s) or hypothesis(es) examined in the work,
  • Study design, data collection and analysis,
  • Results or knowledge claim, and
  • Conclusions and implications.
Abstracts must be related to one of the conference strands (Partnerships, Teaching, Learning). While not limited to the following, topics for presentations that PIs have noted to be of high interest include:

  • Determining and measuring the value of partnerships
  • Professional learning communities
  • Increasing teacher content knowledge
  • Effectiveness of teacher leaders/coaches
  • Mentoring and induction for beginning STEM teachers
  • Changing the pedagogy of STEM faculty
  • Measuring student learning outcomes (K-20)
  • Serving under-represented student populations

MSP projects are encouraged to submit more than one abstract, discussing and providing evidence for what has been successful and what has not. As the work of the MSPs is ongoing, the research does not have to be fully completed for it to be proposed as a presentation. Completed abstracts must be submitted by Monday, December 3rd to using the Conference Abstract Submission Form (click to download MS Word document). Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Planning Committee whose members will formally invite presentations by December 21st. Presentations will be invited either for a full 90 minute breakout session or as part of a joint breakout session with another group that has submitted an abstract on the same topic.