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Institutional Partnerships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education

This overview, with hyperlinks to the major sources that have informed the module, is organized into three parts:

  1. What do we already know from the extant literature about partnerships?

  2. What is the MSP contributing to the knowledge base on partnerships?

  3. What are some important questions worthy of future investigation?

Major Sources
html pdf 1. G. Kingsley and M. Waschak, “Finding Value and Meaning in the Concept of Partnership”, presented at Evaluation Summit: Evidence-based findings from MSPs, Minneapolis, MN, September 2005, supported by NSF EHR- 0231904.
html pdf 2. J. Scherer, “National Science Foundation Math and Science Program Evaluation (MSP-PE): Partnership Implementation in the MSP Program ,” COSMOS Corporation, 2006, supported by NSF Contract # 0456995.
html pdf 3. The Consortium for Building Evaluation Capacity, Utah State University, “Evidence: An Essential Tool – Planning for and Gathering Evidence Using The Design-Implementation-Outcomes (DIO) Cycle of Evidence” (NSF 05-31), supported by NSF EHR-0233382.

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