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The Cost of Teacher Turnover Study and Cost Calculator


"In 2007, the National Commission on Teaching and America's Future (NCTAF) completed an 18-month study of the costs of teacher turnover in five school districts - Chicago Public Schools (Chicago, Illinois), Milwaukee Public Schools (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), Granville County Schools (Granville, North Carolina), Jemez Valley Public Schools (New Mexico), and Santa Rosa Public Schools (New Mexico). The selected school districts varied in size, location, and demographics enabling us to explore how these variations affected costs. We examined the costs of recruiting, hiring, processing, and training teachers at both the school and district levels..."

For more information about the findings of this study and to view the executive summary, full report, or policy brief, please visit: The Cost of Teacher Turnover Study and Cost Calculator on the NCTAF website.

"In addition, NCTAF has developed a Teacher Turnover Cost Calculator to help education leaders determine costs, so that they are in a better position to manage their resources to reduce teacher turnover and improve teaching quality. The Calculator enables school leaders and the general public to estimate the cost of teacher turnover in their own schools and districts."