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Partnership Rubric


PRISM MSP shares a tool that the project has found useful "for rating aspects of a strategy or partnership where numeric tabulations do not always apply, but where there are qualitative differences in the level of targeted performance or implementation of a strategy."

"Each PRISM rubric has four levels: Beginning, Emerging, Developing, and Accomplished. These levels apply to the several strands, or indicators, for each strategy or partnership. The professional development rubric, for example, has strands for leadership, policies, resources, etc. For each indicator (strand), there is a brief written description of the different levels of performance based on performance criteria. They are constructed by combining descriptions of different qualities of performance. Each set of descriptions reflects a different level of performance on that indicator. Raters use these descriptions to determine their level of accomplishment on each indicator. The ratings may be "Beginning" for some and "Developing" or "Accomplished" for others. A rating at any level except "Accomplished" can be used to guide improvement."