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Evaluation of Math Masters 2004-05 Summary Report


"The Math Masters project brings together the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD), three other south-central Wisconsin school districts, SCALE, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison to provide a program of teacher professional development for middle school mathematics teachers. UW-Madison STEM faculty members have provided four content related courses to teachers throughout 2004-05. The four courses concentrated on key areas of standards-based mathematics: statistics and probability, algebraic relationships/number operations, geometry, and measurement. In addition to content courses, teachers participated in three pedagogy courses where they received content-specific pedagogical instruction and other forms of instructional support and modeling to help them create standards-based mathematics classrooms and effectively utilize the "Connected Mathematics Project" (CMP) curriculum. Our study of Math Masters has been a joint effort between the SCALE RET targeted studies researchers and MMSD. In this summary report, we present the findings on teachers' content knowledge gains from the four Math Masters courses, and review results of the three pedagogy courses."