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2008 Budget Request for NSF's Education and Human Resources Directorate


Excerpt: "The FY 2008 Request for MSP is level to the FY 2007 Request of $46.0 million. Approximately $30.0 million will be available for new awards in FY 2008. Awards will be made for a small number of new MSP Targeted Partnerships and Teacher Institutes for the 21st Century that emphasize the critical junctures in K-12 mathematics and science education between middle and high school, and between high school and college. These efforts will engage middle and high school teachers and their students in educationally appropriate and relevant topics that support the high-leverage fields of the physical sciences and engineering, as delineated for NSF in the American Competitiveness Initiative, coupled with the mathematics content and technology essential for study and success in these areas. Informed by the most promising ideas and strategies in existing NSF programs and by a rigorous system of both project- and program-level evaluation, NSF-funded scientists and educators will bring the expertise and capability needed to provide the initial research and development necessary to grow innovative ideas and approaches to STEM education and take them "to market" through demonstration sites. These sites will provide opportunities for educators not affiliated with the sites to observe and learn in depth about their work in order to replicate/adapt well-researched and field-tested findings and products to their local educational settings. Funds will also be used for data collection, evaluation, and knowledge management and dissemination, consonant with program and Academic Competitiveness Council goals and requirements."