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Faculty Work in Schools


Policy and guidelines in the University System of Georgia Academic Affairs Handbook for faculty work in K-12 schools.
Introduction: "The Board of Regents values University System faculty engagement with the K-12 schools. Through Policy 803.17, Work in the Schools, the Board expects faculty engagement with the public schools in institutions that prepare teachers. The Board expects presidents, provosts and academic vice presidents, and deans of colleges of education and arts and sciences in institutions that prepare teachers to advocate for, assess, recognize, and reward practices consistent with this policy.
Faculty effort under the provisions of this policy is anticipated in teaching, scholarship, and/or service. The University System of Georgia values all types of faculty scholarship, including the Scholarship of Discovery, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and the Scholarship of Engagement. All faculty members are encouraged to enhance their classroom instruction by using scholarly teaching. It also is important for faculty to assist in improving teaching quality and student learning in K-12 classrooms by service to the schools. Definitions and examples of these various activities are provided below for illustrative purposes."