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It's About Time: Productive Pedagogues and Professional Learning Communities


"This exploratory paper presents a challenge for teachers and for pedagogy. Following studies that indicate a need for teachers to use more productive pedagogies to improve student learning, it is here proposed that teachers need to be more radical still to be effective. They need as well to consider how they might be producers of their own acts of learning within professional learning communities. The paper begins by reporting briefly on the out-of-step nature of teaching and education in these postmodern times. It moves on to examine the changing notions of pedagogy over time, and advocates the emergence of teachers as productive pedagogues to better meet their own learning needs and those of students and society. The paper then proceeds to outline how teachers as producers might learn their way into being productive pedagogues through becoming professionals who make the time to learn in community. Finally, it looks at how professional learning communities can support teachers in producing learning, and how productive pedagogues in professional learning communities can be leaders within the act of learning."