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NSF Solicitation: Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE)


The Division of Ocean Sciences seeks to establish additional Centers in a network of coordinated centers that facilitate collaborations and communications between ocean science researchers and educators. These Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE) foster the integration of ocean research into high-quality educational materials, allow ocean researchers to gain a better understanding of educational organizations and pedagogy, provide educators with an enhanced capacity to understand and deliver high-quality educational programs in the ocean sciences, and provide material to the public that promotes a deeper understanding of the ocean and its influence on each person's quality of life and our national prosperity.

The Division of Ocean Sciences also solicits proposals for: (a) innovative collaborations with existing COSEE centers; and (b) operation of the Central Coordinating Office, which organizes national oversight of the COSEE effort, enhances communication and collaboration among the centers, and documents COSEE activities and outcomes.

Proposal Deadlines:

March 1, 2007 for new centers

March 3, 2008 for new collaborations/activities with existing centers