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What Works In Science and Mathematics Education Reform: A Report on the National Science Foundation's Urban Systemic Program


"This report examines the accomplishments, challenges and sustainability of the National Science Foundation's Urban Systemic Program (USP), which ends its funding to the last of three school cohort groups in September of 2006. In total, 30 districts were funded by the USP to improve science and mathematics education under five year cooperative agreements. The USP was organized around six core drivers of systemic change:
  • Improving teachers' knowledge of science and mathematics content and teaching methods as aligned to
    research-based curricula.

  • Partnering with community groups, businesses, and other important stakeholders.

  • Leveraging funding from many sources to support clear, unified goals.

  • Aligning district education policy to support reform throughout the entire school system.

  • Improving student achievement in mathematics and science.

  • Eliminating student achievement gaps."