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Increasing the Number of Mathematics Majors


"The last couple of decades have seen a decline in the number of undergraduates pursuing degrees in mathematics. During the same time, quantitative methods have been increasingly present in the sciences, necessitating a more rigorous mathematical training for students interested in pursuing a research career. It is perfectly reasonable to suggest that future researchers in the sciences should e majoring both in the mathematics and in the sciences. Moreover, an undergraduate mathematics major, coupled with computing skills and a knowledge of basic science, is an employable combination. When thinking of students majoring in mathematics, the fact that such students can be employed with an undergraduate degree must be uppermost in our minds. We must not think of the undergraduate degree in mathematics as the first step towards the doctorate. If we are to increase the number of students in this country that are more mathematically literate, then we must address the questions of how we are to entice these students to include more mathematics in their undergraduate curriculum. ..."