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Preservice Partnerships Create Classroom Leaders: On-Site Classes Benefit Schools and Teachers


"Most traditional teacher education programs have technology components, but these courses are often removed from real life in K-12 classrooms. Without collaboration between K-12 schools and university programs, preservice teachers are unable to observe examples of classroom teachers integrating meaningful and authentic technology projects into the content areas. This article describes a model of a collaborative system at the San Diego State University in California (SDSU) that is working well for both training preservice teachers and assisting inservice teachers while furthering the ultimate goal of improving student learning. One of the primary goals of this site-based credential program is to prepare a teaching force that has the skill and confidence to integrate technology into the classroom. This goal is best accomplished when teacher educators are able to provide preservice teachers opportunities to observe exemplary teachers, to reflect on and discuss their ideas, and to collaborate with others on meaningful projects as they implement their ideas about teaching and learning with technology in real classrooms. For both preservice and experienced teachers, school--university collaboration results in an increased level of competency and efficacy in using technology as an instructional tool and instruction for K-6 students improves. Note:The following two links are not-applicable for text-based browsers or screen-reading software."