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Clearing Hurdles


"Technology is the key to improving student achievement, but without high-quality professional development, technology will never be successful in fulfilling that role. To create successful professional development, it is necessary to carefully plan programs and activities that model constructivism and take into consideration characteristics of adult learners. Making the transition from traditional teaching to a more constructivist style that integrates technology can be very intimidating. It is a hurdle that is difficult to jump. To help teachers ease into it, the author of this article uses an activity that models a constructivist approach, while taking into account characteristics of adult learners. The technology integration activity is used as part of a graduate class for teachers, but it could be adapted for an after-school training workshop. Instead of focusing on all of the current activities that are listed in the article, the instructor could focus on one or two areas. However it is used, as a whole or in part, it will serve to help teachers jump the hurdle and move toward making use of technology in their classroom activities."