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Response to Educating School Teachers by Dr. Arthur Levine


"The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) commends Dr. Arthur Levine, a colleague whom we greatly respect, for this important study of teacher preparation in the United States. [ Educating School Teachers, Sept. 2006 ] AACTE welcomes the report. The findings are sobering and we take them seriously. We know Dr. Levine's motive in conducting this study is to improve an enterprise that is critical to the success of our nation-one in which he has invested over half of his career. There is no one from whom we would rather receive this study's "tough love" findings. We agree with some, but not all, of his recommendations. In particular, we challenge the need to start from scratch to create quality control and accountability. Further, we take exception to the elitism implicit in the proposal to expand programs at highly selective institutions, rather than to bolster those that prepare a majority of the nation's teachers."