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Educating School Teachers


"The nation's teacher education programs are inadequately preparing their graduates to meet the realities of today's standards-based, accountability-driven classrooms, in which the primary measure of success is student achievement. A new study conducted by Arthur Levine ...concludes that a majority of teacher education graduates are prepared in university-based programs that suffer from low admission and graduation standards. Their faculties, curriculums and research are disconnected from school practice and practitioners. There are wide variations in program quality, with the majority of teachers prepared in lower quality programs. Both state and accreditation standards for maintaining quality are ineffective. The report ...provides an examination of the successes and failures of university-based teacher education programs, offers "criteria for excellence" on which to judge the quality of programs, and sets forth a comprehensive five-point plan for improving programs and changing teacher-education policy."

Read the response to Educating School Teachers
from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

AACTE Response to Educating School Teachers by Dr. Arthur Levine