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The Link between High School Reform and College Access and Success for Low-Income and Minority Youth


"The mission of the Pathways to College Network (PCN) is to focus on improving college preparation, access, and success for underserved populations, including low-income, underrepresented minority, and first-generation students. To ascertain where we currently stand with respect to achieving our mission, this updated paper--originally written in 2002--identifies and analyzes school
reforms that present evidence of college preparation for all students. ...This paper examines school reform models through the lens of how well they address known predictors of college-going behavior. Models reviewed in the study include: America's Choice, AVID, Coalition of Essential Schools, First Things First, High Schools That Work, Talent Development High Schools, GE Foundation College Bound, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Project GRAD, early college high schools, and small learning environments."