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Information for Prospective PIs of MSP Proposals


The following is a reminder of several important matters to be considered as you prepare your proposal. [MSP Solicitation NSF 06-539]

Project Summary and Merit Review Criteria:

Per NSF's Grant Proposal Guide, the Project Summary "must clearly address in separate statements (within the one-page summary):

(1) the intellectual merit of the proposed activity; and

(2) the broader impacts resulting from the proposed activity.

Proposals that do not separately address both merit review criteria within the one page Project Summary will be returned without review."

See Chapter III for further descriptive information on the NSF merit review criteria.

Human Subjects:

Since most MSP projects necessarily involve collecting data from participants, the Human Subjects box should be checked on the proposal cover sheet. You may wish to begin the process of obtaining an exemption or approval from your organization's Institutional Review Board (IRB) as you submit your NSF proposal. If IRB approval has not been obtained prior to submission, the proposer should indicate "Pending" in the space provided for the approval date. As indicated in Chapter II.D.6 of the Grant Proposal Guide, no awards will be made without IRB approval or an appropriately documented exemption.

Core Partner and Eligibility Information for Institute Partnership Proposals
(NSF 06-539, p. 9):

"Core partner organizations in each partnership MUST include:
  • At least one institution of higher education (including 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities) AND

  • At least one K-12 local school district."

"For all Institute Partnerships, one of the core partner organizations serves as the LEAD partner and submits the MSP proposal on behalf of the Partnership."

"The lead partner organization for an Institute Partnership MUST be an institution of higher education (including 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities)."

"The Principal Investigator of each Institute Partnership MUST be a science, mathematics or engineering member in a higher education core partner and one or more co-Principal Investigators MUST be representative(s) from the K-12 core partner organization(s)."

Institute Partnership proposals that do not meet these requirements will be returned without review.

Information for RETA Proposals (NSF 06-539, pp. 7-8):

"This solicitation calls for proposals that build and sustain the capacity of the nation's STEM disciplinary faculty for educational work by
  • engaging the national disciplinary or professional societies to (a) assist STEM faculty and university administrators in preparing to work effectively in K-12 mathematics/science education; and/or (b) leverage the considerable influence of the societies in identifying and promoting the institutional changes in higher education that are critical for sustaining faculty engagement in K-12 STEM education

and for proposals that directly support or inform the work of the Institute Partnerships through
  • research on the characteristics that define teacher intellectual leadership in K-12 mathematics and the sciences, and the factors that contribute to its development;

  • development of tools that assess teachers' growth in the knowledge of mathematics or the sciences needed for teaching, especially for grades 9-12."

RETA proposals that do not address one of the above will be deemed nonresponsive to the solicitation and returned without review.

We look forward to receiving your proposal, submitted through FastLane by 5:00 PM in your time zone on May 17, 2006.