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A Call to Action: Transforming High School for All Youth


"The National High School Alliance is a partnership of leading national organizations, working both individually and collectively, to realize a nationwide commitment to their shared vision of fostering high academic achievement, closing the achievement gap, and promoting civic and personal growth among all high-school-age youth in our high schools and communities. The National High School Alliance helps the partners realize their commitment by serving as a vehicle for mobilizing resources, networks, knowledge and capacity. As a forum for professional discourse and collaborative effort, the National High School Alliance creates new space in which strategies for promoting change can emerge and be mobilized through partner networks. The National High School Alliance has produced this document, "A Call to Action: Transforming High School for All Youth", to provide leaders at the national, state, district, school, and community levels with a common framework around which to engage a diverse cross-section of stakeholders in the hard work of transforming high schools for all youth."