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Preparing and Training Professionals: Comparing Education to Six Other Fields


"Recognition of the need for improvement of professional development in education is evidenced in legislative action, ...and in the expressed interests of stakeholders including taxpayers, legislators, and educators themselves. ...[E]fforts are underway to develop high quality and effective professional development that will help teachers improve student achievement. In light of evidence demonstrating that better teachers produce better student outcomes, improving the preparation and in-service training of teachers can provide a key to strengthening the public education system.

To provide information, ideas, and models that can help the field of education improve its professional development, The Finance Project commissioned profiles of professional development in six fields--law, accounting, architecture, nursing, firefighting, and policing. ...By learning about preparation and in-service professional development in other disciplines, it is possible to gain insights that could prove relevant in efforts to improve pre-service preparation and in-service training in education."