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National Science Board 2020 Vision for the National Science Foundation


"During Senate budget hearings in February 2005, Congress requested that the National Science Board (the Board), in its role as the policy making and oversight body of the National Science Foundation (NSF), develop a bold new vision for NSF. The Board was also requested to factor Federal fiscal realities into its vision for the future of NSF.

The National Science board 2020 Vision for the National Science Foundation (NSF-05-142) provides a vision statement for NSF that is informed by a sense of our Nation, our knowledge of the trajectory of global science and engineering research, and our confidence in a promising future. We are also providing strategic priorities, near-term goals, and enabling strategies for achieving this vision.

Beyond a focus on NSF, the Board believes that this document can also serve as a valuable compass for setting the course for science and engineering research and science education in our Nation."