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MSPnet Hosts Workshop for Project Leaders & Administrators


On Thursday, December 8th, 2005, MSPnet hosted members of five MSPs at TERC's office in Cambridge, MA. The 1-day workshop provided an overview of MSPnet functionality as well as an opportunity for hands-on learning for those in attendance. The five projects represented were MSP of Southwestern PA, MSP in New York City, University of Pennsylvania Science Teacher Institute, The Fulcrum Institute, and CAMS (Consortium for Achievement in Mathematics and Science).

The workshop offered an insightful look at the many functionalities MSPnet provides to projects to improve their online collaboration, file sharing, dissemination, and archiving.

MSPnet will offer similar workshops on Sunday, January 29th, at the Hilton Washington Hotel in DC. Note that this is the day before the MSP Learning Network Conference. Two workshops will be held, one from 1-3pm and another from 4-6pm. Projects need only register for one session. If you are interested, please contact us.