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A message from Diane Spresser on the Hurricane Katrina Disaster and its effects on the MSP Program


On behalf of the staff in the MSP Program, I extend our deepest concern and sympathy to the entire MSP community affected by hurricane Katrina. Arden Bement, Director of NSF, has issued a statement at the NSF website indicating that NSF will "do everything possible to ensure continuity of the research and education projects that we support."

Although the impact is clearly most devastating in the Gulf Coast areas directly affected by the hurricane, we know that many other states, universities, and school districts have opened their doors to receive displaced students and teachers and are also facing unprecedented challenges and difficulties. We know there are many examples from within the MSP community of interesting and creative responses taken by the Partnerships to address the needs of schools and colleges as they enroll new students from other districts and colleges and seek to provide continuity in their education. We would like to collect examples of the impact of Katrina on MSP partners and their innovative approaches to addressing the challenges of this disaster. Please send brief descriptions of these efforts with photos, if available, to

You have our full support as you continue your work to improve science and mathematics education in these difficult times.

Diane Spresser

Senior Program Coordinator

Math and Science Partnership Program

National Science Foundation