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Qualified Teachers for At-Risk Schools: A National Imperative


"The National Partnership for Teaching in At-Risk Schools -- a collaborative effort of the Education Commission of the States, ETS, and Learning Point Associates, with additional funding from the Joyce Foundation -- developed this report in response to the urgent need to recruit and retain quality teachers in at-risk, hard-to-staff schools. Teachers in such schools often are inexperienced, poorly prepared, and generally less qualified than teachers in successful schools, and the lower quality of education contributes to achievement gaps.

The report defines the staffing problem in at-risk schools, noting the factors identified through research that appear to contribute to the problem as well as the efforts that have been undertaken around the country to address it. Also discussed is the current state of research about the causes of the problem and the challenges of specific strategies. Finally, the report presents the agenda of the National Partnership and its plans for responding to the need for better information, greater policymaker and public engagement, and more effective policy solutions through research, resources, and assistance."