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MSP Workshop: Making the Transition, Oct 28-30, 2005



Making the Transition:

What Do We Want to Sustain from MSPs? How Do We Do That?

October 28-30, 2005

National Academy of Sciences Building

2100 C Street, NW

Washington, DC

Download Registration Form and Agenda on the NRC website:


Individual MSP projects are at various stages of their development and evolution. They range from just beginning their work to a point that is half way through the current grant cycle. Although it is very easy for participants in projects to be focused on present needs and challenges, the success of the MSP initiative will be measured and viewed in the future on both achieving stated goals and on the ability of the projects to sustain and build upon their work in the future. The long range impact of many MSPs may well depend on their ability to evaluate what works and move their partnerships in unanticipated directions to sustain and expand what is working and to reconsider avenues that may not be successful.

Goals and Objectives:

This final workshop in this MSP/RETA workshop series will focus on the future of individual MSP projects. The goals of this workshop are threefold:

  1. To encourage MSPs to determine as early as possible in the life of each project what is working and the evidence that is in hand or needs to be collected to make informed decisions;

  2. To explore what "sustain" and "sustainable" really mean in the context of a project's current goals and programmatic undertakings vs. longer-term needs and evolving objectives; and

  3. To map out the first steps in making the transition to a sustainable programmatic future.

Workshop Logistics:

The workshop will begin at 1 PM on Friday, October 28 and end by 12:30 on Sunday, October 30. PLEASE NOTE THE WORKSHOP LOCATION AT 2100 C STREET, NW. WASHINGTON, DC. Each day of the workshop will focus on a different theme:

Friday: What does the research say about sustainability?

All of the workshops in this series have focused on helping participants better understand the research literature on the topic(s) being discussed and to think more deeply about the implications and applications of that research to their projects. On Friday we will explore what the research literature and the lessons learned from earlier systemic initiatives suggest and about the nature and structure of various kinds of partnerships and what it means to sustain them.

Saturday: What questions do we need to ask? What are the needs of the MSPs?

During the morning, we will examine how the goals and emphases of MSP partnerships intersect with the needs of students and the workforce in the 21st century. Plenary and concurrent sessions during Saturday morning will focus on 21st century skills, the needs of an increasingly diverse student body and workforce in the coming years, and the economic implications of high quality science and mathematics education programs, Grades K-16.

On Saturday afternoon, a series of interactive concurrent sessions will provide participants with opportunities to explore in depth various models of successful programs. We encourage MSPs to send teams of participants to this workshop so that team members can go to different concurrent sessions.

Sunday: What actions do we need to take?

Much of Sunday will be devoted to providing MSP teams with time to share information with each other from Saturday's concurrent sessions and to complete their responses to a series of questions about actions to be taken that they will be given prior to the workshop. Teams will then report out and discuss their plans with each other.

Download Registration Form and Agenda on the NRC website: