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MSPnet Strategic Plan


MSPnet is a five-year infrastructure and communications project that will create, implement and facilitate, a web-based, interactive electronic community that will build capacity and enrich the knowledge base of the Math Science Partnerships. The goals of the project are to facilitate communication and collaboration between and within the MSPs, and to provide a vehicle for dissemination to the public.

Specifically, MSPnet will:

  1. expand MSP projects' access to, and ability to share, resources, emerging research, tools, best practices, obstacles, and strategies;

  2. strengthen geographically dispersed partnerships by enhancing and sustaining dialogue through innovative collaborative tools, events, and structures;

  3. create a growing archive, for both researchers and practitioners, of the lessons and accomplishments of the MSP program;

  4. enhance the public's access to, and knowledge of, the MSP program;

  5. conduct research on the impact of online formats, functionalities, and structures to enhance large-scale educational reform efforts.