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EDC K-12 Science Curriculum Dissemination Center.


EDC's K-12 Science Curriculum Dissemination Center is beginning a series called "Science Teachers in Conversation" which they describe as "a round table discussion featuring teachers from around the country reflecting on a brief case study. Unlike chat rooms, listservs, or bulletin boards, this discussion has been edited for publication to present key points and exchanges in a succinct and readable format." The one we link to this week is a discussion on inquiry-based science in middle- or secondary school. The brief case study accompanied by a moderated discussion, and then some comments by experienced researchers. Issues raised here include the definition of inquiry, teacher and parent concerns about adopting the approach, and structural or other impediments to the experimentation that teachers need to do, in order to change their pedagogy. The discussion whets your appetite for further exploration, and the site provides resources and a discussion area to support that.