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Policy Updates

Congressional spending bill reduces funding for NSF

Funding decisions relative to NSF and the MSPs were finally taken, when the US House and Senate agreed upon an omnibus spending bill on Nov. 21.

Funding for the National Science Foundation in general was cut by 1.9% , but the Education and Human Resources Directorate was hit much harder, with a 10.4% cut from 2004 levels.

The cuts affected all the EHR programs except Human Resources Development. Some details:

Elementary, Secondary and Informal Education: Down 14.3% ($30.3 million), to $182.0 million.

Undergraduate Education: Down 1.2% ($1.8 million), to $153.7 million.

Human Resource Development: Up 2.2% or $2.6 million, from $115.9 million to $118.5 million.

And despite the administration's stress upon evidence-based programs, REC (Research, Evaluation, and Communication) dropped 9.6% or $6.3 million, from $65.8 million to $59.5 million.

As for the NSF/MSP program, the final figure was $79.4 million. However, Congress did not approve the administration's request to move the NSF MPSs out of EHR into the Research and Related Activities Directorate, so the MSP program will stay in its current home for the coming year.

Sources: NSTA Express, FYI from American Institute of Physics.