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The Math and Science Partnership Network

MSPnet is an electronic community that serves NSF's MSP and STEM+C programs.
It welcomes all educators and researchers interested in improving Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

The majority of resources generated by NSF projects are available to the public at large and we invite you to visit our library, join MSPnet Academy webinars and sign-up for our newsletter. Members of funded MSP, CE21 and STEM+C projects are encouraged to log-in and make use of Project Spaces for collaboration.


The MSP Library contains over 3,000 articles of interest to leaders engaged in science and mathematics reform Browse the Library

New in Library

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How People Learn II: Learners, Contexts, and Cultures, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, et al., The National Academies Press. October 2018

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The Brain Basis for Integrated Social, Emotional, and Academic Development: How Emotions and Social Relationships Drive Learning, Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Linda Darling-Hammond, et al., Aspen Institute. September 2018

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Malleability, Plasticity, and Individuality: How Children Learn and Develop in Context, Pamela Cantor, David Osher, et al., Applied Developmental Science. January 2018

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Drivers of Human Development: How Relationships and Context Shape Learning and Development, David Osher, Pamela Cantor, et al., Applied Developmental Science. January 2018

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New from Related NSF Resource Centers

CADRE releases two new resources on Early STEM Education: